Day 6, although feels like a month already

My head’s bursting. What with 2 nights wee morning hours of overtime, in a row, I badly need sleep. I think, for some reason, the world is telling me, “okay, you’ve had your fun for almost 3 months, now it’s time to work”.


I had something to share about work earlier. But I FORGOT about it already. MEMORY GAP, waahh!

Anyhow… I’ll just go home and continue my blog later…

I miss you guys. (Pinas, Dubai, Canada and plus plus) Write me something………………………………….


8 thoughts on “Day 6, although feels like a month already

  1. di bale, champion ka naman sa puyatan. 😉 baka naman naga-adjust lang ulit ang katawan mo with working again. i hope work is going well though. miss your regular entries. :wave:

  2. @mum… yeah eating loads and loads. but walang tatalo sa good night’s rest. ur welcome, but i didn’t get to talk to you na. sayang. 😩 i was out of load na. how was it? :hug: :stolenkiss:

  3. @mae: that’s bebe haku na! hahaha! malamang hindi naman ganun ka bilis at broke na ako. hehehe.

    @chie: di na din… na fefeel ko na tumatanda na ako… đŸ˜„

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