A place to call home?

An overdue kwento, as requested by Ate

When I accepted the offer for my new job, I had one major problem. Where will I stay? It was a concern because, I was leaving for Dubai a day after I received the offer, and coming back just before the new work starts. So the looking for a new place was going to be difficult because of time constraints. While in Dubai, I searched online for possible places so that when I get back, I would just go straight. But it didn’t happen the way I wanted it to. I was searching and negotiating and emailing prospect landlords and roommates, but none of them seemed to fit my bill – decent price, close to work, available by mid April. I had to ask my friend who hosted me before if I could bum at her place for a few days, which thankfully she did. Heaven sent!

When I got back, I went to the office the very next day. Our HR said that I still needed to do my medical to get my work pass. I asked if I could just start the week after, so that I could look for a place as well, while waiting for the medical report. It was a go, so my next agenda was to look for a place. There were several places I went to. I must say that looking for a house is hard work. There are several factors that come to play… and it seemed that I wasn’t satisfied with what I saw. Didn’t like the location. Bathroom sucks. No aircon. Too expensive. Too far. No direct transpo. Didn’t like the housemate. General area was scary. Too many advance/deposit/agent’s fee. Etc.

The challenge was to find a place asap. And by the third day of my search, I wasn’t feeling too happy with the existing choices. I almost said yes to a decent location, own room, no aircon, and/or not an ideal housemate… until I chanced upon an ad by a pinay looking for a roommate. I saw the place and made a choice there and then. It’s a place very near work – just a bus ride away. It was in a secured condo with very kind guards who makes it a point to talk to the people going in and out. It was walking distance to the green line of the MRT (which links most of Singapore).

The room itself is okay. Our room is not that big, although we have a balcony for “alone” time if need be. I have enough place for my existing stuff (only because I don’t have that many stuff yet). It’s fairly cozy and quiet. The price is in the high side of, although still within, my budget. The kicker may be that there is no agent’s fee, although I still need to pay for my advance and deposits (now I’m broke). But really, frankly speaking, my ice breaker is the fact that I’ll be rooming with other pinays. It makes going home not so lonely, and not as boring. I’m hardly home since I started working. Only because it’s overtime galore. So for now, it’s really more of a place to sleep in. Nonetheless, I still feel happy with my choice. Below is the view from outside the flat. It overlooks the pool and the other blocks within the compound.

overlooking the pool area

And here is a view of our balcony, which also faces towards the pool area. We hang our clothes in the balcony during weekends (or when we do laundry).

Next time, I’ll try to post some pics of the rest of the flat. 🙂 Miss you guys…. 🙂


8 thoughts on “A place to call home?

  1. “There are several factors that come to play… and it seemed that I wasn’t satisfied with what I saw. Didn’t like the location. Bathroom sucks. No aircorn. Too expensive. Too far.”

    no aircorn ate?? that was funny…hehehe

    noonerss last blog post..Paglakad ng Papeles ni Beau

  2. @ate – bakit naman? mainit d2 no. electric fan, masyadong mainit. hehe. i’m going swimming later in the afternoon… yey! walang pasok kase….
    @reg – got an A/C eventually. howell… miss u loads din reg.

  3. Wow! Swimming!!! At least meron kang outlet for your work stress!!! Will wait for other flat pics. Ganda! :thumbsup:

    Miss yah. :hug:

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