hot about Iron Man

The last two movies I watched in the big screen were disappointments. Even bigger disappointments because the tickets were quite expensive. (One was 10,000BC… the other was so crappy, I couldn’t even remember the title or the story nyahaha!) During Labour Day holiday, my friends and I watched Iron Man, which was such a major treat. If you haven’t watched it yet, GO WATCH IT NA! I’d have to say it’s my favorite movie of the year so far. RDJ, although looking older, still delivers great punch lines. They say that super hero movies are so passe already – no originality, and all that – but on a general feel, Iron Man gives a realism feeling that hey, that can happen. Heroes can be built.

So, again, watch Iron Man. I give it 5/5 popcorns. 🙂


7 thoughts on “hot about Iron Man

  1. I don’t understand how people expect Superhero movies – especially comic book movies – to be original: they’re taken from stories already written. It’s like saying Bible movies don’t have any originality: DUH!

    Anyway, can’t wait to see this!! I’ve been dying to see it but I might have to wait a little bit longer… no money eh!

    fragilehearts last blog post..Because of you

  2. We absolutely Loved this movie too!!! Definitely the best movie of the year so far… but then there is Hancock (hope it’s not disappointing like I am Legend), Speedracer (which we will go for the premier tonight) & Indiana (CLASSIC!)

    The summer looks really bright for moviegoers!

    IRON MAN was surprisingly very entertaining! :bravo:

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