Win or lose…


I’m such a late bloomer. When AI launched 7 years back, I didn’t pay much attention. Maybe it was because I suddenly have access to TV (with Star World) recently, that I stayed tune to Season 7’s American Idol. Either that, curiousity over the Pinoy’s bet – Ramiele, or I was totally bored and needed to find another addiction.

I just watched the much awaited David vs. David Grand Finale, where, as per judges, little D stole the show in a knock out performance. Irregardless though, big D still stole my heart away and gave me shivers with his first performance “I Still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For”. It must be the ultimate package that I’m looking for, because even though little D seemed to sing all the right things at the right time, it was big D’s softie but toughie image, hunk appeal, concert king-ish stage presence, originality AND awesome voice that would get me to choose to buy his record instead. Not to say little D doesn’t have it – but I just prefer the rough and raw style that is big D’s.

In a couple of hours they’ll be crowning the new Idol. And just for prediction’s sake, I say it goes to David Archuleta. But just for me, and my votes doesn’t even count… David Cook, you are my American Idol. 🙂


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