transformed insomniac

Just to explain, I feel like I was either drunk, operating on a caffeine high, drugged, or just simply sleepwalking these past few days. Robot din daw. I haven’t been sleeping much. And I haven’t been doing much aside from working. And because my body clock has been a bit wonky from all the overtime-slash-stress-slash-pagod, it’s difficult to sleep *on time*. It’s already past 3am, and I’m still wide awake.

I went online, to find people to chat with and to tell me other bits of news, stories, information, chismis even. I didn’t want to share any more of my own sad news whenever I’m asked on my “what’s new”, (although it slipped out anyway), and did dig up some chikkas from willing storytellers.

But that was 2 or 3 hours ago. As I said it’s already 3am and most of my chatter friends have logged off already. I tried to get some shut eye, but couldn’t, so I went online again. Since my roomies are asleep, I’m in the balcony for some *all-on-my-own* time, with some knick knacks, chocolate milk and my laptop. I’ve just gone through almost all of my favorite reads, all my social networking sites, with some plus plus other blog sites I seemed to hop on to.

And I’m still up. Still very much awake, although my head hurts already. I hate being nocturnal especially when I *need* to be early the next day later.

Hmm… how do I get some good sleep? Am I doing something wrong?


6 thoughts on “transformed insomniac

  1. sweetie!!! so sad you’re not doing well on sleep. hope you do well soon. mahirap yan kc you wont be as productive as you should be. if you can, why not get some rest? on your weekend? may be get a pampering. do something you probably havent done yet out there. probably naninibago ka lang. give it time. take care sweetie!!! miss yah!! :mrgreen: btw, sowie havent dropped by. medyo busy din dito. havent blogged hopped in awhile also. will catch up soon. kapag nag leave nako. hehehehe :wave:

    mahryskas last blog post..danielle louise

  2. ate, a warm bubble bath can help…

    ate, minsan pag busog nakaka-antok din…

    ate, read a book na nakaka-iyak…

    ate, puwede din iyak lang without the book…

    ate, last but not the least…

    multiple org… :rotfl: wahahaha

    ako pala si ates last blog post..DP

  3. that’s not good… coffee makes it worst. hot chololate or milk is the best…. a visit to a doctor will help as well. or maybe a change of job, if possible, to a good working environment where working is not the cause of health problem. lack of sleep (next to smoking cigarette) can cause lung problem. and while you’re not getting enough sleep compensate that with healthy food (no junk), eat lots of fruits, veggies. eggs, nuts & protein. drink lots of water and milk. take care…mama

  4. Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh…

    I do remember that you have these days. Yun lang, I would imagine with *ehem* “age” it would have tempered a little bit. Naku, I am grouchy na nga if I don’t get to bed before 10pm.

    Buzz mo lang ako if you need to chat. Pero I hope by this time, you were able to catch up on zzzz..

    Chies last blog post..why i do what i do!

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