Lahat ng mga pagkakamali ko dito sa opisina, nakayanan kong gawan ng paraan o lusutan. At pag katapos, ginawa ko na lang syang aral para sa sarili na hindi ko ulitin uli.

Pero eto pinaka bagong katangahan, hindi ko nakayanan. Kase umabot na sa punto na ang deadline eh mukhang di ko maabutan. Ang masaklap pa neto… hinihintay kong si amo eh pagalitan o pagsabihan ako, pero pagkatapos ang matagal na usapan at diskusyunan sa kinatataas, eh mahinahon lang akong sinabihan na “sa susunod wag ganun”. Pakshet…. mas lalo ko naramdaman na gilting-gilty na ako!

… hirap neto ah… yung pag tatagalog, pati na rin ang pagkakamali….

nothing new

gasgas na sobra ang excuse na busy ako… so here’s the thing. i’ve really got nothing new to share. but maybe it’s because i’ve been too preoccupied with other things, such as… uhmm.. work? that i really haven’t thought of a decent blog post.

and then voila. it’s been almost three weeks since my last post. nyak! sayang binabayad sa hosting…. ay hindi pala ako nag babayad. mwehehehe. 😀

shout outs to everyone…. :wave: hope you guys are doing well. haven’t had much time to blog hop either. hope everything’s going along sweetly. 😀

she came to me and asked me not to judge her

But you see, I can’t do that. I’d rather stay away from her, put our friendship on hold for a bit, not be the shoulder she needs to cry on, and, most of all, bite my tongue. Because however liberal she may think I am, however a friend I should be, our moral compasses aren’t pointing at the same direction for now. Especially when I’m feeling for another friend’s heart ache.

She wants what you have… and all you can think of is yourself. I’m sorry, but I won’t allow myself to be part of it. You know how I feel. It’s time to grow up.

Coloring outside the lines

My Result: Charlotte
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Looking for the perfect Bergdorf Goodman dishes to match your impeccable kitchen? Shopping at Tiffany’s for a new string of pearls? Fantasizing about the perfect job as a New York City art gallery owner? Maybe not exactly, but when it comes to a refined taste and a sweetness like no other, you’re just like Charlotte!

Of course you aren’t all sugar; you’ve definitely got a tough heart under that pretty cashmere sweater, but you are probably happiest when you are surrounded by supportive relationships and a great romance (you only get two, you know!) So live it up, because you deserve nothing but the best in life, whether it’s fine china or true love. Now that’s some good taste!

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