Coloring outside the lines

My Result: Charlotte
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Looking for the perfect Bergdorf Goodman dishes to match your impeccable kitchen? Shopping at Tiffany’s for a new string of pearls? Fantasizing about the perfect job as a New York City art gallery owner? Maybe not exactly, but when it comes to a refined taste and a sweetness like no other, you’re just like Charlotte!

Of course you aren’t all sugar; you’ve definitely got a tough heart under that pretty cashmere sweater, but you are probably happiest when you are surrounded by supportive relationships and a great romance (you only get two, you know!) So live it up, because you deserve nothing but the best in life, whether it’s fine china or true love. Now that’s some good taste!

I’m not the only one who works like crazy here. My two girl friends from college has work schedule that are as demanding, and time consuming as mine (if not even more). So it’s a rare opportunity for the three of us to have found a weekend evening off.

Last Saturday, we met up and watched the more than 2 hour movie, Sex and the City – which really felt like a season marathon. I never finished the entire SATC saga. I think I ended with the breakup of Aidan and Carrie (because I liked Aidan’s character so much), and only watched bits and pieces afterwards. Watching the movie made me find out about how it ended and what happened to the fab 4. Contrary to reviews, I enjoyed the movie much, much. It was as interesting and as real as it could be. Of course, without the money. Hudson on the set gave additional color, although a bit bitin, as Carrie’s assistant. I particularly like the role of the pregnant Charlotte, who I feel, gave a lot of older women hope that hey, late 30’s is okay to still be pregnant. And I loved most of Samantha’s kick-ass punchlines.

I can’t say if it’s a movie for all genres though. I’ll make a bet that straight men wouldn’t go around inviting their buds to check it out. :poke: But all in all, I’d definitely recommend it to any of my girlfriends in dire need of a breather, and some girl pow-wow moments.

We’re now planning our next activity, and the next one seems to be much more exciting. I just hope that we all realize how this is a much needed break for us.

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