Hello, Goodbye…

It’s been a series of Hellos and Goodbyes last week. It kinda makes me feel how transient this country is. And how it makes me question if I want to really stay here, long term. But that calls for a different blog entry. I just want to say a few hellos and goodbyes…

Going. Our “ampon” roomate who stayed a little over a month with us left last Saturday. For the past few weeks, its been such a treat to have her there, with her daily uppers, sugar high moments. Now with a week gone, I can truly feel the difference of not having her around. For starters, she’d always remind us to de-stress, and by that she means, let’s go party! So when she was around, we had several bonding moments and night outs, which was uber fun.

Marj… thank you for all the uppers, the sha-lala lingo, the haircut (sayang, hindi na natuloy ang bangs, bangs ever!) the spa and gym moments, the *shake-body-body-dancer-dancing”, the wa-poise laugh, and all the other wacky crazy times. For all that and more. I’m glad to have known you… and I will really miss you. I wish you success wherever you may go! *Bugis*

Coming and Going. Before Marj left, we met up with Mhinx, my friend from Dubai who came for a short visit. He joined my roommates and I in dropping of Marj to the airport, before we headed off to a night out, along with his brothers, Minx, Mingx (kulit nila diba?) and their friend. It was a crazy, fun, and tiring night. After the band in the first bar where we were dancing, took a 15 minute break, we hopped to another bar, and danced some more, only to go back to the first bar when the band got back. And of course, sayawan uli! Ang saya! Our cool down session was hopping to another bar, where we had another round of drinks and shisha! It seemed like such a workout because of the aching muscles at the end of the day.

Met up with Mhinx a couple of times after that, and was a great thing that I wasn’t as loaded in the office. I was able to bring him around to some of the places, most memorable was a food trip session for chili crab, and other *Singapore* delicacies. Lafang, lafang ever. He and his brothers left last Wednesday. Thanks Mhinx! Saya saya! Sa susunod, lakwatsa sa Dubai naman.

Coming. Business must be going well for our office, because this week, we had new people in our department, specifically one in our team. I don’t think I’ve talked about my office too much (unless it’s to complain that it was all I do). Although the department itself is big, our team is new. Since I started, my boss and I have been a 2-woman team, with me, being the “assistant”, left with all the nitty gritty, dirty jobs. Hence, the late crazy hours. With our new teammate on board this week, I feel that work is going to be easier hereon *cross fingers*.

In another team, we have another pinay on board, who happens to also be a photo enthusiast, and a certified party girl. Over the weekend, we were supposed to go dancing, but at the last moment, I remembered the age limit of the bar I was going to. I could have gone to another bar, but I was with my roomates who have become regulars already. Oh well.. don’t worry Jen, there’s other parties! 🙂

And finally, Going. Although our sales department has grown, our Pinoy friends from the other department will be heading back to Pinas. Last Friday was their last day in the office. They will now be based in Manila. It *might* now be a little harder because I super feel the lack of creative staff. With more people in the sales, it makes more sense to support the sales with more designers. But it feels a bit backward this way. Oh well, there’s still email…

So there. I’ll try to post some pics within the week also.

*** p.s. Ate and Chie… ayan na ang blog update. Hehehe! Mwah!


3 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye…

  1. wahh!!! i’m tats! :glee: :bravo: :bravo: hehe.. i super miss u gurls..had a great time! thanks sa pag-ampon saken! hope i could return the favor soon.. :wave:

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