babaeng inggitera…

That’s me. My roommate is leaving tonight for Phils and I’m so jealous. I’ve been wanting (and needing, may I add) to go home for a bit. But I’m dukha mode for quite some time. Aside from the fact that I’m still fairly new at work, so not entitled to leaves yet. Anyway, Annama will be back in 11 days, so I’ll eagerly wait for some Lucky Me pansit canton chilimansi flavor, Goldilocks polvoron and my pHcare (napaka jologs talaga!) :bop:

On the brighter side, I get to move *downstairs* for 11 days. heeheehee………

Have a safe trip Annama!!!! Seeyah!


2 thoughts on “babaeng inggitera…

  1. im back!!!nyahahah..i have your PH care, the folvoron, the pancit canton chilimansi, iwhite and Mr. Jose Cuervo is waiting for you..And because i am so uber kind, i also brought some pinoy food, isaw,sisig,longganisa,and tinapa bangus so dont be so inggit na….nyahahaha.. :bravo:

    @nn@s last blog post..just 10 days!

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