Confession Session: I’m sick of babies…

And when I say sick, I mean, I’m tired of eating them already.

The news that I was flying to Phils for a short weekend spread in the office. I spread so many rumors* about myself, that they had to verify with one another whether I was really flying out, thus the *chismis* traveled. Upon confirmation though, my other-races-colleagues started asking me to buy this-es and that-s, specifically Filipino knick knacks. A conversation with one of them went…

Nat: Could you buy me cheese cake?

Me: Cheese cake? What cheese cake?

Nat: Cheese cake. Philippines is famous for it.

Me: ??? I don’t know what you mean. What’s cheese cake?

Nat: It’s cheese cake, Von brought it before.

(Went to Von)

Me: Von, ano yung cheese cake na pinagsasabi nya?

Von: Ah… ensaymada yun.

Me: Ah okay.

(Went back to Nat)

Me: Hey Nat. It’s not cheese cake. It’s ensaymada

Nat: Insamade? So funny ha….

Me: Ensaymada…

Nat: Insaymadeh?

*** tried to pronounce 3 or 4 times***

Me: No, no… It’s en-say-ma-da

Nat: Huh? That’s baby!

Me: What baby?

Nat: Insaydmader….

*** Eventually realized that she meant, *inside mother*. Laughed so hard. Wrote it on a piece of paper instead.

Whenever I see ensaymada, my colleagues and I call it baby. Hehehe. Recently stuffed myself with extra *babies*, so now, I’m sick of them.

Don’t worry, I’m not yet sick of baby Beau Bear. 😀


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