Busy again

I’m doing it again. Doing nothing but work. Today has been extraordinarily and irritatingly busy. And to think it’s a Saturday. I’ve even forgotten to do yesterdays Confession Sessions post (which I specifically do on Fridays, so that I’d be reminded to do at least one post a day). Sigh. Busy busy. Don’t like…

Among other things, I’m extremely irritated. I can go on and on how, but it’s a waste of blog space. My last post was a rant already, and I don’t want to make another. Anyway, just shout outs for now to everyone out there, for now. Next week hopefully this blog is more active. Hehe.

Leaving you with something that made me smile. HEROES is coming back SOON. Very very soon! I’ve told myself not to read into spoilers because it can be quite disappointing watching the actual when you already know so much (kaya nga spoiler eh!). But I just couldn’t help myself. Today, when too many things have gone bad, I need to do get away. So here are a few. Please do not click more if you do not want to read more.


  • We open four years in the future, with the oft-talked about scene where Future Claire aims a gun at Future Peter and pulls the trigger. Well of course you can’t kill a guy who can stop time. Future Peter does just that and disappears into the past, where …
  • Future Peter shoots Nathan at the press conference, as seen at the end of “Powerless” in Season 2. His reasons: to stop Nathan from revealing the existence of super-powered people. After shooting Nathan, Future Peter assumes the identity of Present Peter. [We later find out where Present Peter has been keeping himself throughout all this.] Future Peter’s ploy doesn’t fool Matt Parkman, who can read his mind. Unfortunately for Matt, Future Peter teleports him to the desert seen in the promos. As it turns out, it’s more a question of when then where Matt has been teleported. [It is hinted at, I believe, that Matt has been transported back in time. Way, way back in time.] Mama Petrelli later shows up at the hospital where Nathan is being kept, and presumably through the use of her powers, knows that Peter is not Peter.

Other spoilers here.


9 thoughts on “Busy again

  1. I didn’t read your spoiler excerpt. :rotfl:

    Kelan ba sila mag-start ng new season? Buti na lang nandyan ka to remind me about Heroes. Its been ages that I totally forgotten about it. :thumbsup:

  2. I didn’t read the spoiler. :shame:

    When is the new season going to start? Buti na lang nandyan ka to remind me about Heroes. It’s been so long that I have completely forgotten about it. :thumbsup:

  3. no probs maeyo! 9/22 showing. apparently it’s 2 or 3 hours for the first ep.

    hey just uploaded a vid din. DON’T WATCH if you don’t want spoilers hehehe!

    shows looking great! can’t wait!

  4. oo nga malapit na. we even did heroes marathon yesterday (since i had to be on bedrest anyway) just to refresh ourselves in time for the upcoming season.. excited na ako!

    oo nga pala. i read somewhere that IRL, peter is dating claire….

    Chies last blog post..

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