hello world and I’m back…

Woo hoo. Saying this yet again… I’m back. It’s funny because every time I say it, I haven’t been able to deliver. For the past couple of months, since I went offline, I hardly noticed I was, since I’ve been heavily intoxicated. Oh yeah… over the head kind with work. Okay, to be a bit more honest, that was for the first few months. And then after that, I just forgot.

I’ve been living the life of a true blue expatriate*. That’s right, you heard me. Expatriate.** (Ang shalala pakinggan, diba?) 😎 Anyway, irregardless of how we’re now called, I feel every inch of a worker – the long hours, the low pay (okay lower than the amount of work I put in), the bottom of the food chain ranking, the feeling-so-tired-that-I-just-want-to-stay-home-and-sleep-or-do-my-laundry-over-the-weekends feeling and generally the I-wanna-go-home feeling.

Anyway, I was mentioning I was back. Yes I am. And this time no promises (to myself, most specially). I’ll write when I have the time, and won’t when I don’t. I’ll still try the regular posts routine as much as I can. But for now I just have to accept the fact that, this cannot be my priority, although I still want it to be my outlet.

So as a starter, HELLO WORLD! How are you guys doing? What has everyone been upto? I’ve been trying to keep updated with people via ym/facebook/friendster/multiply/blogs, but again, my online time is quite limited. Holler!!!

* My friend called me a true blue OFW actually… just because I spend my weekends at home doing laundry…

** During one coffee session with my friends, we discussed how there was a statement where the OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) should be called Expats. OFWs are “workers” and more commonly classified with the blue collared working class. Since more and more white collared Pinoys are working overseas, the “worker” doesn’t seem apt, and it makes sense to use Expats.


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