my delayed 5 (2008)…

Kris, here goes – my 5 events of 2008….

Explanation here

  1. The biggest would have to be my Singapore move, from taking that leap and making the choice of where to go and what to do. Life has not necessarily been easier after, but it’s been more interesting. And on it’s own, I can think of 5 other things to fill in the blanks, but would rather keep that as a separate entry.
  2. Xpress… okay this is part of Singapore, but it also deserves its own spot. Because most of my time in SG was spent at work anyway. And I know I’ve complained how all I did was work, sometimes how “slave-driver” the company can be, but it also gave me perspective and humility. Definitely made ups and downs.
  3. Like the year before, I considered traveling to be one of my top 5. Hmmm let’s see…. there’s Pinas journeys – Palawan, Clark, Taal… then there’s Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.. and twice in Dubai. Where to this year?
  4. Beau bear. My brother and sis in law gave birth to Beau Cyrus, who we’re fondly calling Beau Bear (and who I call Snickers, just because). He’s the cutest baby ever and has got the most nakakagigil laugh. I’ve seen him in three stages already but after the latest new year visit, it might take a while to see him again.
  5. One week affair times two….

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