Exciting times ahead

Last year, I came up with a theme – Adventures. The lack of blog posts didn’t really help acknowledge the adventures I went through, but I assure you, it was a very apt theme. From my comfort zone, I moved on and forward, and I truly felt going out of my shell. I still feel the need to document, but I guess I like talking about the present, so you’ll probably be seeing snippets only of those adventures.

This year, marks, yet again, another special year. Very soon, I’ll be ending my “Twenty-something” blog theme as I reach the big 3-0. As with 2008, I’m creating a theme to set my “game” of the year. I’ve been thinking about it a few days already, and some of my possible themes had been “growth”, “change” and a good fair bit, “letting go”. For one reason or another though, it didn’t seem right.

With due respect to my upcoming thirty self, the theme I’ve chosen is Celebration. As “growth” and “change” seems to be inevitable anyway, Celebration involves several things, including letting go of my twenties self, and finally acknowledging, appreciating and celebrating the peak years they call 30’s. I intend to celebrate, also, successes, friendships, loved ones, occassions, work life, and learnings.

So Cheers, 2009! :thumbsup: Give me your best shot!

What’s your theme for the year?

Thanks again to Steve Shapiro as I reaffirmed my need for a purpose.

2 thoughts on “Exciting times ahead

  1. This is very interesting. You actually made me think of my theme for this year. Last year was “Moving on” and for this year I guess, it will be “Lights, Camera, Action!” How do I give you my gift?!

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