one day international headache

My sister thinks I’m a little bit crazy for putting myself into additional headache. Actually I can’t see where the headache is. I mean, it’s just like travelling to the province, or a weekend getaway. Except there’s a plane involved.

I’m in the airport now, waiting for boarding. And while I’m here, I might as well take some time to blog (since I haven’t been doing so for quite some time). As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I plan to make this one day getaway a “me” time. To do the things I can’t seem to afford (or too stingy to spend on) in Singapore. So, I’ll be doing this whole makeover thing. Pampering myself if you may call it. Meeting my friends Kris and Harv along the way as well.

How can that be a headache, I ask you?

Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “one day international headache

  1. hey… yeah i’m back. one day nga lang diba? 🙂 but haven’t had time to update. it was fun. bitin…. i spent my first four hours killing time before the mall opened. that was the worst bit…. but after that it was too short na.

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