sick on valentines

Not sick of, but that’s a different entry. Sick as in bed rest sick. It started Thursday, although Wednesday was already showing signs. And somehow I haven’t been able to shake away the flu. Doctor says I just need rest and lots of water. So here I am at home, for the 3rd consecutive day, resting. Okay well now I’m blogging, but still…

There was a plan a few weeks back. That for Valentines, a bunch of us were going to donate some blood. Save a life kinda thing. Well I didn’t get to do that… at least not yet. But the doctor did take a blood sample from me earlier today. Just to check whether there’s something that they’re not seeing yet. I felt like such a baby with the injection. It feels as if I suddenly had a fear of needles or something. I almost, almost lang ha, wept. I’ll laugh about this tomorrow. But today I feel so rotten.

Need tlc, no more doctors and meds please.


4 thoughts on “sick on valentines

  1. oh, ate how are you na? also had en encounter with needles a few weeks back. went pale and my heart wanted to jump out from my chest. it was that bad. and i had no one with me to hold my hand. =(

    hope you’re feeling better by now.

  2. hope you’re feeling better now. tama ang doctor, have lots of liquid and try to sleep earlier. order some soup and lots of fruits. i want to give you my tlc, but you’re so far. take care evz. mama

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