hello, from the on-again, mostly off-again blogger

This really is becoming (has become) a pathetic state of a blog. Hehe. I don’t know how addicted I was to this when I first started.

But anyway, in due respect to my chunk-change yearly domain registration, and to my avid reader (note: there’s no s in reader), here’s a slight update

  • I currently live in Singapore – okay well not really an update since I’ve been here since March of last year, but just in case a reader/friend/family who happens to stumble by this blog and is still asking “Where the hell is Yevka?”, well that’s the answer. A happy update (from last November) is that I moved house – further away from the office and the town, but a better environment and way better facilities. Better facilities included a tennis court, a swimming pool, gym and, my absolute favorite, a jacuzzi.
  • I also work in Singapore – again not much of an update. At the start of the year though, my boss resigned, making me and my teammate feel a bit like orphans. From then till now, we’ve been thrown around a bit, working with several people, following orders from various “bosses”, reporting to anyone or everyone, doing the odd bit jobs, until they finally split us apart and put us under two separate teams. I’ve had my qualms about the entire situation, but now our situation is much, much better.
  • I joined a dragonboat team – pretty much the highlight of my year SO FAR. Will definitely make it to my 5 events at the end of the year. As invited by my friends, we joined Filipino Dragons Singapore, comprised mostly of Filipino professionals, and have been training with them since April this year. So far, I’ve joined in two races, have raised up my tan level (to quote my friend – I used to be mocha color, now I’m dark chocolate!), have also raised my fitness level, and lost weight. Or at least inches, coz I haven’t really weighed myself properly yet. We’re currently training for Sava Sprints, which is a 200-meter race in October.
  • In relation to joining FDS, I’ve been to Rawa this July – Pulau Rawa is an island in Malaysia near Mersing. To get there, we rented a bus to Mersing, and then rode a 20-min ferry to the island. White sands, clear waters, yummy food, wonderful, wonderful place. With 39 other members of the team, a djembe, guitar, caracas, shisha set, volleyball, ipod with speaker, and loads and loads of drinks, we made a 2D-1N trip, that was a party through-and-through.

For now, that’s my highlights. Next time, I’ll try to post pictures.

How’s the rest of the world been? :teehee:


2 thoughts on “hello, from the on-again, mostly off-again blogger

  1. That is good to here. Now, You and Glenn have something in common hehehe …. your family hahaha :lols:

    Its nice that you finally have a sport that you enjoy. Man! I want something like that too…Inggitera talaga hahaha

    Miss you girl!!!
    .-= Krissy´s last blog ..Hellboy 2 =-.

  2. :handsdown: I’m so jealous. I’d love to join something as intense as a dragon boat team!

    But the question is, when are you coming to visit me in Toronto? Miss na kita!! Also, even if you don’t come to Toronto basta may blog ka… I’ll be ok. Hahah


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