My 5 for 2009

Ahh. At least this one I will not forget. Going on 6th year already, I’m glad I was able to do this face-to-face with the Calims this week. So, 2009 is almost officially over, and I’m ready to share my top 5s already.

As before, this is our year end review that Kris and I (with her hubby Harv recently joining in), share with each other. It had to be 5 big events (good or bad) that has happened to us.

My previous recorded 5’s are here and here and hopefully I get to document future ones. Only because it gives quite a nice summary, year per year.

Without any further ado, (drum roll please) here’s my 5:

  1. Filipino Dragons Singapore (or FDS) as mentioned in a previous entry. For the first time in my entire life, I’m part of a sports team. One that (for the sports bit) trains hard, competes, loses graciously and wins spectacularly. In relation, there’s the definite weight loss/gaining of muscles/evening of tan, that comes with the love of the sport. But wait, there’s more. Ever since I’ve joined, I’ve upped my social scene with this group who tends to party as hard as we train. Without FDS this year, life would have definitely be less fun. Continue reading

the silent diary

it doesn’t mean forgotten. it means, busy. (have you ever wondered whether “busy” sounds quite similar to “lazy”?)

hello once again, and this time, diary, i give you full permission to kick me in the butt for being too “busy” to forget about you.

but never mind about that. here we go for a short update. Continue reading