the silent diary

it doesn’t mean forgotten. it means, busy. (have you ever wondered whether “busy” sounds quite similar to “lazy”?)

hello once again, and this time, diary, i give you full permission to kick me in the butt for being too “busy” to forget about you.

but never mind about that. here we go for a short update.

well, it’s almost christmas and i’m in the Philippines, ooh yes. i came to see one of my oldest friend get hitched. i’m, yet again, a bridesmaid, but this time, i think it’s going to be the “last”. well at least not for a very long time, if ever. maybe it’s an end of an “era”. most of my friends are either hitched, or just won’t ever be. welcome now to the babies and children’s birthdays world. not to sound, bitter that is.

anyway, as said, my friend’s getting hitched and i’m home for the wedding. i promised to make sure that i take care of the bride, while the maid of honor goes and chases, este, takes care of her son. i had my first and only fitting of my gown last wednesday, and bought my shoes this afternoon. i still have 2 days to pretty up, with the manis, pedis and all that. i’m actually excited. i’m a sucker for bridal marches and i hope to catch a glimpse of my friend just as she walks down. the bouquet toss (if there will be one) is another story. i hope i don’t sound too much like a kj and say i’m not interested in this one. i’m slightly thankful also that this is not a “relatives” reunion and i won’t have the regular “ikaw, iha, kailan ka susunod”. well aside from the brides mom. but that, i think, i should be able to handle.

on another note, i’m mostly on vacation mode. this is the first time i’m on a long enough leave to pinas (since i started working in singapore), so i’m taking my time with the things i planned to do. take note my leaves to pinas have consisted from a day trip to a max of 5 days. so yeah, a 2 week vacation is something.

so if you ask me, what am i planning to do here? well aside from the wedding and major resting, there’s the shopping, the pampering, the fiesta-ing, and of course the reunions.

see you *soon*, my silent diary.


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