What drives you?

No, not caltex. Unless we’e talking about Henry. I’m talking about that daily drive, the motivation, those dreams or fears.

Lately, I’m finding myself in the ever familiar feeling of being in a rut. I’m known to be inconsistent and non-committal. Passionate for a minute, bored by the next. Cases in point – blogging, scrapping, photography. Well here I am again.

I’d like to pass the blame to recent trips Bintan and Boracay. But honestly, that’s just an excuse. Really, I’ve been in a rut for months. With my personal and professional life. Maybe even years. With occassional rise ups like – well – now.

So now I question. What drives you? Coz seriously I just want to copy. I dont even want to analyze or think or reflect. I just want to do. Maybe someone else’s drive can be my source too.

Is that too much to ask?

P.s. sorry for being vague. But I Make sense to myself so i guess that’s ok.


Ang katamaran, bow

Just came from a boracy trip with my dragonboat teammates last weekend. The weekend before, my relatives came to Singapore for a tour and we went to a resort in Bintan for some r&r. Technically, ive been on vacay since then. But OMG. Sobrang not inthe mood para mag trabaho. Haay, panu ba to? Hanap ng ktwan ko ang nakayapak sa buhanginan.

Quit your job. Buy a ticket. Dive. Swim. Party. Hve the time of your life.

– boracay


And I heard His prayer for me to come to Him. And I listened. And I felt it was real. And in that instant I felt ashamed. For I have not been a good child. I have not lived in His name. I was selfish and self righteous, and for that I felt unworthy. And though I wanted to cower in shame, He took away my sins anyway.

Your love overwhelms me. This Easter, I felt like I was reborn.