Hike up your skirt a little more

One weekend a guy friend and I were in the mall, when a Singaporean Chinese girl walked in front of us. He laughed when he realized we were both checking her out. I told him I was admiring her legs, wishing they were mine. He was kind enough to tell me, konti lang lamang nya.

(Flattered syempre, kaso may dagdag…)

Paputiin, pahabain at pakinisin mo lang legs mo parang ganun na din!


Show me the ka-ching!

I moved house (if you havent heard). And with the moves comes the advances, deposits, agents fees and other moving expenses. That was the start of the month. Now Im quite close to broke. Well, ok not broke. But im budgeting big time just not to mess up my financial plans. Yup i have one.

Anyway, it is no wonder that im looking forward to ka-ching day. Which is coming very close. I hope this sacrifice is worth it, and that this is a temporary setback to financial blessings that will come.

Abundance is the key.



In the middle of a stressful day, all you need to do, is take a deep breath. Inhale positive energy, exhale all the stress, negativity and worries. Inhale goodness and peace, exhale all anxieties.

Breathe, relax. Stay grounded.

An update on happy mondays


I thank mr mindset because this day is turning out to be a great day. Here are three beautiful things.

1. Officially moving back to our head office. As i was packing my things, i asked who will be transferring my computer. As luck would have it, our IT felt that it was too much of a hassle to carry my computer back so assigned me to a new computer instead. And an upgrade it is! Added plus of giving me creative suite package at last!

2. Famished in the middle of the afternoon, my colleague came up to me with IKEA hotdog pasalubong. Yum!

3. Capping the day with drinks with friends in celebration of life lived well. 🙂

Oh. And have i mentioned that it feels good to blog again? 🙂

Monday reds

Lets change our mindset for a bit. Monday could easily be the greatest day of the week. If it’s the first day, then it could translate to newness and start overs. If it came from a great weekend, monday is catching up and sharing adventures with colleagues and friends.

Its a mindset, thats all.

Have a great day, everyone!

Break me again

You broke me. You took that knife and stabbed me. And now that the wounds are healing, you did it again. Only this time, i wear an iron coat, so try as you will, this time, you can’t touch me.