Mga wala lang post…

I ran in the oval last night and I hope that this officially starts my training for my 10k run in December. I didnt time myself though. Next time i will.

When I got home, my housemates asked me how far I ran. I said 6 laps. They were genuinely surprised saying they wouldnt last as long. I told them that was only 2.5 km, barely what i needed to accomplish. Awws and aahhs. My teammates in dragonboat would not be as impressed, though, but a nice feeling nonetheless.


It’s like playing musical chairs. I moved yet again, but not offices. Just my seat. It’s my nth so I really have no feeling of ownership anymore. The funny thing is, I would have loved this seat a year and a half back, and hated it a year back. I’d say this is my version of reassuring myself that Ive healed, because now I can sit anywhere and still be okay.


Achieving balance is my mantra this week. So far so good. Let’s see, I am thinking how to fuel just 1 more side and I should be very much ok. Life is good.

I dont know you..

I dont know what makes you tick, what makes you hurt, what pleases or excites you. I dont know you, aside from the superficial. So if Ive hurt you, Im sorry. I apologize for me being me. And hopefully you will forgive me. Kse gusto na kita makilala. Para mangyari yun, you have to let me in.

Pasensya talaga.


I realized that there are people who never ceases to amaze me; and at the same time, there are those who continue to dismay me.

The challenge is to know the difference.