You keep me up

Monday. 2:30 am. In a few hours         I need to be up for work. But you keep me up. You kept me up. You, my beautiful mistake, will be my reason for another zombie-like work week.

Thinker vs. Feeler. I remember a seminar jargon — wave your brain goodbye.  A few years back, I made a mistake. And instead of over analyzing the situation, I was asked to feel. How did I feel, what can I do to change the situation, if I cannot do anything, change how I felt about the situation.

In a nutshell, I can feel crappy, but that really is upto me. That is my choice.

I’m jumping — but I have point (I think, pls bear with me).

I was saying I made a mistake and now I spent all night thinking about it. Thinking. Not feeling. A friend asked how I felt. And I honestly did not know what to say. How “dead” is that? So instead I stayed up. Thinking, not about the fix I’m in, but how come I’ve stopped feeling.

Its almost 9am and after resting a bit, my answer to myself is… you. You gave me reasons not to feel. In a roundabout, I stopped feeling because of you.

My post doesnt make sense. Thats what you get for thinking all night and finishing up while still groggy.



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