I’m going home for New Year’s!

I went home last year for a 2 week vacation during Christmas/New Year time.  There was a part of the trip that I was totally bored with nothing to do.  I didn’t really like it, so I didn’t make any plans for this year to go home during the season.  However, last month I found out that my dad was coming home, so of course I wanted to see him.  The only thing is, all flights were ridiculously expensive during the season!  I was so tempted to book a trip to Dubai instead (which is still a part  of my dad’s itinerary), for just an additional few hundred dollars.

Anyway, cutting the long story short, I was able, by a stroke of luck (or simply being persistent with looking at the rates daily)  to get pretty good rates for a short New Year’s trip.  It’s such a good deal, that I’m thinking that there are some hidden charges somewhere.  But heck, there was none.  To top it off, it was even during the time that I applied for leave! So now, I’ve confirmed that I’ll be going home for the holidays.  And already, my days are getting booked!

Here, so far, are some of the schedules that I initially declined to attend to, but now, YES na:

Dec 28: Goodman twins “birthday” party at Philam
Dec 29: SA reunion
Jan 2: Measurement taking for my abay gown (for Danna’s wedding)
Jan something: Meeting with Tita K, Don and Diyel *happy!*

Oh and of course there are the family reunions, and bonding with the papa.  I think shorter and jampacked trips are much better and exciting. I can’t wait!


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