Balance in 2010

This is the one post I look forward to.  Year after year.  I just re-read my past “5””s and it’s nice to reminisce.  Just to see how much some things have never changed, and how some seems to be lightyears away.

Here now is my top 5.

  1. Going Solo.  Ever since I moved to Singapore, I’ve shared a room with some girls (eventually just one girl).  This year, the unit that we were renting, decided that we could preterminate our lease contract.  So mid June, we were scouting for a place to move on, and decided that each of us went our separate ways.  That included me and my roomie.  I’m now living solo (okay so I’m sharing the house with X number of people) but at least the room I can actually call my own.
  2. Boracay race + party.  Ye-es. My first trip to Bora would not have been as fun and exciting without FDS.  It was a league of its own. A party like no other. And if ever there was only one race I could participate in, year after year, it would be Boracay.
  3. Big Kids. I went into a rut this year.  At one point, I felt like I pushed everybody away, and didn’t mind going all alone and lonely. I can call it my “maldita mode-on”, but in actuality, it was more of letting go of the toxic people in my life. *I keep doing a lot of this lately, actually.  Maybe it comes with age?*  However, no man’s an island, and I’m grateful for the “Big Kids”, who have given balance to my life and become people I’ve learned to love.
  4. As disappointing as it is, 2010 has not been a good year at work.  If I were to take responsibility for all the “palpaks” that has happened, then yeah, I’ll accept my fate.  However, I did not feel any recognition either in all the achievements I’ve accomplished.  And like the company before this, it’s time to move on.
  5. 41. A short period of happy days, confusing moments, anger bursts, and pleasures beyond pleasure.  I can’t regret if it were my choice as well.  But avoidance route, not my brightest hour.  Lessons learnt, fine.

That’s all for now.  Happy New Year, folks.


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