Good things comes to those who wait

I bid adieu. After 3 years and 1 month. It is time to finally, FINALLY, say goodbye to my first employer in Singapore.


Goodbye Xpress.

It’s funny to have mixed feelings, when I’ve wanted this for so long. I should be relieved and excited. Which I am, for sure. But I’m also scared and a teenie bit sad. I feel I’m being yanked out of my comfort zone and that’s scary stuff. It’s never sad about the leaving. It’s about letting go of the familiar, and moving to something I am not sure of what will happen. The people I’m leaving behind saw me at my best and worst, and accepted me for that. I’m not sure of how the new company will take the “badder” part of me. Also, I don’t know if you’ve felt this, but I fear I’ve got nothing more to “give”. I still question whether this really is where I want to be.

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