What an exciting 2011

This top 5 is more bite-sized than my previous ones.  🙂 Just want to keep it short and sweet.

Here goes.  There was the:

  1. Change of job (what I’ve wanted for such a long time) which includes the pay hike (yay!) and the more-in-tune-with-what-I’ve-done-and-not-a-junior role;
  2. Then there was the change of home address (3 times, if I may add);
  3. Oh, and there was my first relatively “big” move in making an investment (FTW);
  4. Unfortunately, there were “linoko mo ako” moments (no, this was not love related; yes, it was quite serious) (WTF);
  5. And finally, just as the last quarter approached, there was suddenly a change of heart. And the world was bright and happy again.  And welcoming 2012 was more in tune with my personal commitment to being responsible for my own happiness.

It’s been forever since I last posted, but what else is new?  😉


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