For 2012, goal for financial freedom

First step to financial freedom is to be debt free. To achieve this, you can cut back, you can attempt to make more income by selling something, or offer services, or get another job etc. In paying debts, pay those first that are interest bearing like credit cards and loan sharks, etc. If you expect income monthly, set aside a part of that for debt payments and plan accordingly. Debts to friends and family members normally are not interest bearing but are important to be paid as soon as you can so as not to burn bridges and not have a bad reputation. Inform people you owe money to your financial situation and tell them of your plans of payment if they have already defered from your original promise to pay. Communication is key, and information is golden. If you keep quiet on your debt, and wait for the debtor to always be the one chasing, this is a sure fire way that they are losing trust and confidence on you and will take action, whether it is as simple as cutting ties or maybe as drastic as legal action. Once you have informed your debtors your plans, stick to it. That means tightening your belts and avoid spending unnecesarily. Do not add on your debt by spending more than you can chew. You dont need to show the rest of the world that you are in debt, but it is also not okay to show your debtors that you have bought something new or plan to purchase something, whether it is a good deal or not. It doesnt matter that it’s only a few bucks, the point is you can afford to purchase unnecesarily when you are supposed to give your debtors an impression that you are cutting back. The answer you should not give to your debtors when they ask when you can pay is “I don’t know”. If you start with “I have a plan”, and actually stick to it, you gain more respect and probably some time. Understand that people have needs too, and that if they need money and you cant pay them back just yet, dont be surprised that they lash out at you. After all, you helped put them in that place. Finally, quit whining! If you still have a roof above your head, you are still fine! Plan, plan, plan, so you can get out of that in-debted way of life!

P.s. yes this is for you! I’m not being subtle. I’m telling you that it is not ok to keep me in the dark, only to find out in fb that you have planned trips or expenses. That you have had exciting weekends that probably cost money. Get your act together! Get a job and quit blaming the world. Be creative and do not be impulsive.


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