Fridays with Danna

My friend Danna is one of those friends I can have interesting conversations all throughout the night with. We can never really run out of things to talk about. Our topics can start from our daily grind and end up in dreams and passions. I’m very happy with friends like her because she really does keep me grounded. I guess it’s because I’ve known her for more than 15 years, and we’ve really seen each other grow.



Earlier, over our newly discovered interesting Turkish restaurant and equally interesting japanese coffee, we talked about our lives – mine and my constant quest for a perfect match, my blossoming career and my upcoming happenings and travels; and hers on her happiness over her married life, her wins in her business and her ultimate goal of motherhood. When I look at it, we’re actually worlds apart. And yet, it doesn’t matter. Maybe because of all my friends who got married, our chemistry never changed. I have to admit that while some friends who got married became a “them”, it became a challenge for me to relate since I am familiar with just “her”.

Anyway, that’s okay. People and relationships do change after all. I am letting go of people who are no longer aligned to what I look for, and nurture the ones who are. That is life, isn’t it?

With Danna the explorer

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