Good things comes to those who wait

I bid adieu. After 3 years and 1 month. It is time to finally, FINALLY, say goodbye to my first employer in Singapore.


Goodbye Xpress.

It’s funny to have mixed feelings, when I’ve wanted this for so long. I should be relieved and excited. Which I am, for sure. But I’m also scared and a teenie bit sad. I feel I’m being yanked out of my comfort zone and that’s scary stuff. It’s never sad about the leaving. It’s about letting go of the familiar, and moving to something I am not sure of what will happen. The people I’m leaving behind saw me at my best and worst, and accepted me for that. I’m not sure of how the new company will take the “badder” part of me. Also, I don’t know if you’ve felt this, but I fear I’ve got nothing more to “give”. I still question whether this really is where I want to be.

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Hello, Goodbye…

It’s been a series of Hellos and Goodbyes last week. It kinda makes me feel how transient this country is. And how it makes me question if I want to really stay here, long term. But that calls for a different blog entry. I just want to say a few hellos and goodbyes…

Going. Our “ampon” roomate who stayed a little over a month with us left last Saturday. For the past few weeks, its been such a treat to have her there, with her daily uppers, sugar high moments. Now with a week gone, I can truly feel the difference of not having her around. For starters, she’d always remind us to de-stress, and by that she means, let’s go party! So when she was around, we had several bonding moments and night outs, which was uber fun.

Marj… thank you for all the uppers, the sha-lala lingo, the haircut (sayang, hindi na natuloy ang bangs, bangs ever!) the spa and gym moments, the *shake-body-body-dancer-dancing”, the wa-poise laugh, and all the other wacky crazy times. For all that and more. I’m glad to have known you… and I will really miss you. I wish you success wherever you may go! *Bugis*

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hot about Iron Man

The last two movies I watched in the big screen were disappointments. Even bigger disappointments because the tickets were quite expensive. (One was 10,000BC… the other was so crappy, I couldn’t even remember the title or the story nyahaha!) During Labour Day holiday, my friends and I watched Iron Man, which was such a major treat. If you haven’t watched it yet, GO WATCH IT NA! I’d have to say it’s my favorite movie of the year so far. RDJ, although looking older, still delivers great punch lines. They say that super hero movies are so passe already – no originality, and all that – but on a general feel, Iron Man gives a realism feeling that hey, that can happen. Heroes can be built.

So, again, watch Iron Man. I give it 5/5 popcorns. 🙂

a shot of B52

When I was in Dubai, I had only one night of gimmick. I did say that I was at home most of the time, but there was one night when I stayed over at my friend, Loida‘s place, because we were going to a shoot the next day. I had dinner already, she hasn’t, so she took me to a bar/restaurant place in Aviation Club, where she could have dinner, and I could have some drinks. Loida ordered for me a bullfrog that she said was made up of 6 or 7 concoctions including vodka, tequila, gin and rum (correct me if I’m wrong). After that, she ordered two shots of B52s (which was basically Baileys with another liquor), for each of us.

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