And a Happy New Year!

My mom’s back in town with stories from her trip in Hawaii. So inggit. My parents are such traveling buffs that I can’t help but feel inadequate. Never mind. The coming 2008 is my year to let my feet go places. And I did get to go to Davao and Cebu (I can now say, I’ve been to LuzViMin) 🙂 Anyway, Hawaii looked beautiful in the pictures. It’s a definite must see in the future.

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Exchange gifts

Last 23rd was the reunion of my college SA buds at Makati. I don’t enjoy planning reunions with this particular group of friends because they’re terrible when it comes to replying to texts or emails, with the exception of a very limited few. Also, this group is a “package deal” setup, with mini-groups. (Hindi ako sasama, kse di sasama si ganito)… sheesh! So it becomes quite difficult to plan because to the very last minute, I’m unsure of the number of people I should expect. And there has to be an email reminder, a text reminder, a call reminder during the day of the gimmick, otherwise people would just forget.

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A special guy in my life

I met him 2 years ago, around end of December. At first I thought he was really cute and he spoke with a twang. But there were times he drove me crazy because his requests were demanding, frankly also a bit spoiled. Nonetheless, I loved him to bits. And I can’t wait to see him again.

Today is his most special day. And because I’m so far away from him, it was hard to get him a gift. So instead, I did something for him. I created my very first digital scrapbook. 🙂 (bear with me this is very amateurish, but I enjoyed the hours I spent in doing this, because it’s coming from love).

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Sixties kunwa


Here’s the closest I got to trying to recreate our dress up Christmas party at work. (There was no decent camera, nor any decent pose, so no decent view of what I wore, bear with me.) This was one taken during a game with my colleague (I didn’t play too well, too constricted with the short *dress*.) Take note. That’s fishnet. Hahaha!

Quick question. How is it that the guys didn’t need that much of an effort to create a sixties look? While the girls had to go all out, just to show that we’re from that era.

Click here for pics. 🙂 Btw… just in case lang you ask… my answer is “no comment”.


Time for parties

Last Tuesday, Admin circulated a memo about our Christmas party this coming Friday. The theme is Psychedelic Christmas and it’s a costume party. The party caught me unaware (huwhat?! Friday na ang Christmas party?!) and left me without a costume to wear nor a gift to give.

I have zero imagination, and needed the help of the world wide web to give me an idea of what is psychedelic. After viewing pictures of The Supremes, Austin Powers, The Beatles, etc., I asked my colleague to accompany me to buy an outfit that will bring me back to the that era.

Do you have any idea how ridiculously hard that was?! And how I felt ridiculously silly. Oh, if I could just NOT go. Haay. My only consolation is that, I wouldn’t be the only one who will look silly. At least we’re a whole group. (If I end up to be the only one wearing teased, big or flyaway hair, so help me…)

Anyway, I’m still running around looking for fishnet stockings to complete my already ridiculous image. A trip to SM is in order…

I wonder if I have the guts to post pics of our party tomorrow. 😕 esep esep.