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Every time I blog hop, I’ve been seeing Christmas lists left and right. I’ve already said that I only wanted a Nikon for Christmas. But for some reason, I’ve still been asked what else do I want. Especially from those who are coming home. (Want anything from here?)

Since the season calls for it, I felt the need to put out a wish list to help my family and friends, oh and my office mates. (It’s our Christmas party soon, and our wish list has been due already).

So, having said that, with extra effort and additional brain power I’ve come up with my updated Christmas wish list.

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Blessing Challenges to counter Ms. Scrooge

I’m a scrooge. I don’t particularly like Christmas season. Only because it heightens the fact that I’m usually alone. On normal days, I’m okay with it. But Christmas, well, there’s just something about it that it HAS to be with family, and you’re NOT supposed to be on your own. So my loneliest and most kawawa stories are usually Christmas-time and noche buena stories. Not that all my Christmases have been bad. The past two were pretty great. But the fact that the ones before that were downright crappy, is a memory that I haven’t been able to forget. Maybe I need a few more good times to counter the negative scrooge-like feelings for the supposed Merry season.

But for late, I couldn’t help it. I’ve been disliking Christmas songs over the radio and change stations right away (unless it’s a chipmunk or Southpark version – then it’s just funny), avoid the over-exaggerated malls as much as I can, bit off my colleagues’ choice of music a bit too many times already (it’s not YET Christmas – in my defense, it was still October then) and have already started saying to carolers “tawad!” in my most Scrooge-like way, hoping against hope that they bug me closer to the 25th, if at all.

I can’t hide for long. I know that. I have reasons to enjoy this season. My mom’s coming home (although she won’t make it to Christmas). Reg will be here too. So will JC, one of my good friends from college. Joco, is on her way home na rin. And of course, Kris is coming back from her one month business trip from US. I absolutely can’t wait. I’m excited. But they have their families too, and I won’t be spending Christmas with them also. So it’s not the same.

I need something else, and other reasons to cope.

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These past few months, there’s been a baby boom. Let me count em down:

  • Siyempre the recent binyag of Tina & Joseph’s baby JC
  • Also David, my friend’s newest bundle of joy, I haven’t met yet (sheesh, that reminds me that I should soon!)
  • Tinay’s second panganay last August (I haven’t met him either)
  • Two of my friends, Danna & Jing have new pamangkins as well, both delivered at the same week of August
  • My cousin Jessa’s baby this Jan
  • The twins my boss is expecting by Feb
  • Kuya & Ate-in-law’s Baby Nooner due by April Fools
  • Tita K & Don’s upcoming Baby Haku by June *** updated. 🙂 Thanks Tita K.
  • Just recently confirmed hearing about Geni & Dhon’s baby probably by July.

It’s not a surprise as there was a *wedding* boom as well, and most were married within the last 2 years, if not soon. And most will be first time parents.

***Warning to mothers: Super Ninang’s not so super with too many potential inaanaks. Hehehe***

Just finished reading, and I totally recommend Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic & Baby most especially for the new mommies out there. *Ate* requested for it last September, but I wasn’t able to get it for her since it’s been out of the stock. (Sorry Ate. I have it now though! Let me know if you haven’t gotten it yet. And if you know anyone going there.)

That basically sums up my Sunday activity! Hahaha! A whole day of Shopaholic.

Lunching with Superheroes

Lookie at who were our servers earlier at TGIFriday’s this afternoon. 😀

Was with the Calim’s (yet again) for lunch. Kris dared me to have my pics taken with the waiters and servers in costume in exchange for free Bizu cake. Hahaha. Hindi makatanggi sa libreng Bizu, so go for picture taking with the Justice League.

*Not in this picture is the sexy Lara Croft, Zorro and Mr. Incredible.*

That’s a TGIF Halloween for you.

Of birthdays and parties

Happy birthday Kris! Don’t worry about getting old… nasa Lotto ka pa rin naman eh! Hahaha!


It was a simple celebration. Harv cooked the only dish he knows – some sort of pasta. Harv’s folks came over and brought litson (talap) and I bought cake. Kris’ mom bought utensils, because Kris and Harv just realized that their house is built for two (plus me – mga extra, extra stuff lang, hehe). This is the first time they’re holding a “party” in their house, and had limited plates, spoons, forks, glasses, pang sandok and stuff. They got wine glasses for their wedding though, hehe. But that was about it. I now understand the importance of a bridal registry! 😀

Anyway, it was made a dash more interesting with the new toy Harv “nenoked” from his office. The Nintendo Wii.

Check out Perrine, Harv’s oh-so-funny-screams-like-a-bading sister who, it seemed, was the ideal Wii customer!

**Recently updated vid**

It’s a sign?

How cool! Fernwoods has a South counterpart called Fernbrook! And look! They have a gondola ride that takes you from the chapel to the reception! Coolness!

Maeyo just created a new header for me (just haven’t been able to put it up yet because haven’t had the time) that included a gondola. How SWAK! 😀 (Maeyo, the image for the header’s at the office 😦 will be able to send to you by Tuesday. I tried it the other day, but there were some errors that came up. Will upload/send/change my header asap) .

Anyway, found out about Fernbrook because this years WAW Christmas party will be held there. I’m not as active in coordination for quite sometime since the September (last wedding). Maybe something will come up on Dec/Jan when things get less hectic at work.

*Cross fingers*

Long weekend upcoming! Yay!

Shout Out!

Here’s a shout out to my favorite brother and my favorite sister!

Here’s wishing you loads of happiness!

Oh and whatever you got Glenn from Scheela, and whatever you got Nana from the folks, Baji and the kids – naki share ako sa thoughts. Hahahha!