I’m going home for New Year’s!

I went home last year for a 2 week vacation during Christmas/New Year time.  There was a part of the trip that I was totally bored with nothing to do.  I didn’t really like it, so I didn’t make any plans for this year to go home during the season.  However, last month I found out that my dad was coming home, so of course I wanted to see him.  The only thing is, all flights were ridiculously expensive during the season!  I was so tempted to book a trip to Dubai instead (which is still a part  of my dad’s itinerary), for just an additional few hundred dollars.
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babaeng inggitera…

That’s me. My roommate is leaving tonight for Phils and I’m so jealous. I’ve been wanting (and needing, may I add) to go home for a bit. But I’m dukha mode for quite some time. Aside from the fact that I’m still fairly new at work, so not entitled to leaves yet. Anyway, Annama will be back in 11 days, so I’ll eagerly wait for some Lucky Me pansit canton chilimansi flavor, Goldilocks polvoron and my pHcare (napaka jologs talaga!) :bop:

On the brighter side, I get to move *downstairs* for 11 days. heeheehee………

Have a safe trip Annama!!!! Seeyah!

there’s something with me and booboos

I mean I make them all the time. One of my latest ones is leaving all my SG/KL pictures in Dubai. Find UK Solicitors That means, I don’t have pictures to upload. Sigh. I’ve been meaning to share with you pictures of the entire adventure. But since I left my “evidence”, I’m going to have to wait for them first. Hopefully get them soon, but in the meantime, I was able to create some slideshows through Smilebox. I have some KL pics there and old Feb travels (that I haven’t really shared with you yet). Do check them out here. 🙂 I like smilebox. They’re fun and quite easy to use.

I’m BACK!!!

With a vengeance!!! Just a summary of what’s going on since last March.

  • After my Puerto Princesa trip, I went to Singapore.
  • During then, I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a visit, for around 5 days in March.
  • When I went back to Singapore, I was given another 30 days stay.
  • I decided to cancel my Pinas return trip to continue my job hunt.
  • My nephew was born on March 17, 2008.
  • I went to Dubai to attend his christening last April 3.
  • Then I traveled back to Singapore for work.

I’m now back in the Merlion City. And starting work. Now the stories will be in future post. Hehe.

I’m really sorry for not keeping in touch. Partly got tired of writing everything in a journal and partly because of all these new things I got overwhelmed with everything that I needed and wanted to do. Hopefully get back in track…