Busy again

I’m doing it again. Doing nothing but work. Today has been extraordinarily and irritatingly busy. And to think it’s a Saturday. I’ve even forgotten to do yesterdays Confession Sessions post (which I specifically do on Fridays, so that I’d be reminded to do at least one post a day). Sigh. Busy busy. Don’t like…

Among other things, I’m extremely irritated. I can go on and on how, but it’s a waste of blog space. My last post was a rant already, and I don’t want to make another. Anyway, just shout outs for now to everyone out there, for now. Next week hopefully this blog is more active. Hehe.

Leaving you with something that made me smile. HEROES is coming back SOON. Very very soon! I’ve told myself not to read into spoilers because it can be quite disappointing watching the actual when you already know so much (kaya nga spoiler eh!). But I just couldn’t help myself. Today, when too many things have gone bad, I need to do get away. So here are a few. Please do not click more if you do not want to read more.


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Confession Session: May sakit ako, kung gusto kong hindi pumasok

**Reg, pasensya dear. Talagang kailangan mag tagalog pag tungkol sa trabaho hehehe. 😀

Alam ko na maraming tao sa opisina gumagawa neto – yung kunwaring may sakit. Kse nga naman, minsan walang pahinga talaga o kaya may ibang gustong gawin, o talagang tinatamad lang. Tapos, ke gamitin mo o hindi, walang diprensya. Bayad ang pag hindi pag pasok kung may sakit. Hindi naman yung icoconvert sa pera o kaya dagdag sa bayad na bakasyon kung hindi mo gamitin. Kaya ang mga tao dito, kahit walang sakit, biglang may sakit.

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Half day today

There’s an on going “joke” in the office that when you head for home by 6pm, people will ask you if you’re on “half day”. Sometimes, sarcastically.

Well, whether it was sarcastic or meant as just a joke, I’m half day today… and I’m so happy. 🙂


Hello, Goodbye…

It’s been a series of Hellos and Goodbyes last week. It kinda makes me feel how transient this country is. And how it makes me question if I want to really stay here, long term. But that calls for a different blog entry. I just want to say a few hellos and goodbyes…

Going. Our “ampon” roomate who stayed a little over a month with us left last Saturday. For the past few weeks, its been such a treat to have her there, with her daily uppers, sugar high moments. Now with a week gone, I can truly feel the difference of not having her around. For starters, she’d always remind us to de-stress, and by that she means, let’s go party! So when she was around, we had several bonding moments and night outs, which was uber fun.

Marj… thank you for all the uppers, the sha-lala lingo, the haircut (sayang, hindi na natuloy ang bangs, bangs ever!) the spa and gym moments, the *shake-body-body-dancer-dancing”, the wa-poise laugh, and all the other wacky crazy times. For all that and more. I’m glad to have known you… and I will really miss you. I wish you success wherever you may go! *Bugis*

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Lahat ng mga pagkakamali ko dito sa opisina, nakayanan kong gawan ng paraan o lusutan. At pag katapos, ginawa ko na lang syang aral para sa sarili na hindi ko ulitin uli.

Pero eto pinaka bagong katangahan, hindi ko nakayanan. Kase umabot na sa punto na ang deadline eh mukhang di ko maabutan. Ang masaklap pa neto… hinihintay kong si amo eh pagalitan o pagsabihan ako, pero pagkatapos ang matagal na usapan at diskusyunan sa kinatataas, eh mahinahon lang akong sinabihan na “sa susunod wag ganun”. Pakshet…. mas lalo ko naramdaman na gilting-gilty na ako!

… hirap neto ah… yung pag tatagalog, pati na rin ang pagkakamali….

Day 6, although feels like a month already

My head’s bursting. What with 2 nights wee morning hours of overtime, in a row, I badly need sleep. I think, for some reason, the world is telling me, “okay, you’ve had your fun for almost 3 months, now it’s time to work”.


I had something to share about work earlier. But I FORGOT about it already. MEMORY GAP, waahh!

Anyhow… I’ll just go home and continue my blog later…

I miss you guys. (Pinas, Dubai, Canada and plus plus) Write me something………………………………….

I’m BACK!!!

With a vengeance!!! Just a summary of what’s going on since last March.

  • After my Puerto Princesa trip, I went to Singapore.
  • During then, I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a visit, for around 5 days in March.
  • When I went back to Singapore, I was given another 30 days stay.
  • I decided to cancel my Pinas return trip to continue my job hunt.
  • My nephew was born on March 17, 2008.
  • I went to Dubai to attend his christening last April 3.
  • Then I traveled back to Singapore for work.

I’m now back in the Merlion City. And starting work. Now the stories will be in future post. Hehe.

I’m really sorry for not keeping in touch. Partly got tired of writing everything in a journal and partly because of all these new things I got overwhelmed with everything that I needed and wanted to do. Hopefully get back in track…