For 2012, goal for financial freedom

First step to financial freedom is to be debt free. To achieve this, you can cut back, you can attempt to make more income by selling something, or offer services, or get another job etc. In paying debts, pay those first that are interest bearing like credit cards and loan sharks, etc. If you expect income monthly, set aside a part of that for debt payments and plan accordingly. Debts to friends and family members normally are not interest bearing but are important to be paid as soon as you can so as not to burn bridges and not have a bad reputation. Inform people you owe money to your financial situation and tell them of your plans of payment if they have already defered from your original promise to pay. Communication is key, and information is golden. If you keep quiet on your debt, and wait for the debtor to always be the one chasing, this is a sure fire way that they are losing trust and confidence on you and will take action, whether it is as simple as cutting ties or maybe as drastic as legal action. Once you have informed your debtors your plans, stick to it. That means tightening your belts and avoid spending unnecesarily. Do not add on your debt by spending more than you can chew. You dont need to show the rest of the world that you are in debt, but it is also not okay to show your debtors that you have bought something new or plan to purchase something, whether it is a good deal or not. It doesnt matter that it’s only a few bucks, the point is you can afford to purchase unnecesarily when you are supposed to give your debtors an impression that you are cutting back. The answer you should not give to your debtors when they ask when you can pay is “I don’t know”. If you start with “I have a plan”, and actually stick to it, you gain more respect and probably some time. Understand that people have needs too, and that if they need money and you cant pay them back just yet, dont be surprised that they lash out at you. After all, you helped put them in that place. Finally, quit whining! If you still have a roof above your head, you are still fine! Plan, plan, plan, so you can get out of that in-debted way of life!

P.s. yes this is for you! I’m not being subtle. I’m telling you that it is not ok to keep me in the dark, only to find out in fb that you have planned trips or expenses. That you have had exciting weekends that probably cost money. Get your act together! Get a job and quit blaming the world. Be creative and do not be impulsive.


The higher I soar, the harder the fall…

I seem to attract the same guy, over and over and over again.  This time, he is way too close for comfort from the last.  I’m waiting for the heart to do the thumpity-thumpity-thump-thump, but yet, this time, I’m scared.  I’m too old to play games, and although this is too “new” to go all hot and serious, I’m effing scared he will end up the same way the last guy did which was to let me soar high, only not to catch me when I fall.

So let’s try something different, shall we.  Stay low, don’t soar, fake a fall, and if he attempts to catch, then maybe it’s real. Listen to me, heart, it’s better this way.

Don’t drop me, please…

What an exciting 2011

This top 5 is more bite-sized than my previous ones.  🙂 Just want to keep it short and sweet.

Here goes.  There was the:

  1. Change of job (what I’ve wanted for such a long time) which includes the pay hike (yay!) and the more-in-tune-with-what-I’ve-done-and-not-a-junior role;
  2. Then there was the change of home address (3 times, if I may add);
  3. Oh, and there was my first relatively “big” move in making an investment (FTW);
  4. Unfortunately, there were “linoko mo ako” moments (no, this was not love related; yes, it was quite serious) (WTF);
  5. And finally, just as the last quarter approached, there was suddenly a change of heart. And the world was bright and happy again.  And welcoming 2012 was more in tune with my personal commitment to being responsible for my own happiness.

It’s been forever since I last posted, but what else is new?  😉

#ChristmasText tips from @Sam_YG

Grabbed From the tweets of @Sam_YG.

Ayusin dapat ang “Christmas text” kay girlaloo/boylaloo. Wag mashadong pa-demure, wag pa-give away and most importantly, Landi moderately!

Eto ang guidelines for #ChristmasText.

  1. Pag crush mo talaga, send the text twice para sure-shot
  2. Isa isang MWAH lang.. pag double mwah, buking ka!
  3. Mwah + smiley is acceptable because it’s Christmas naman so you can push the limit ng konti
  4. Instead of “i love you”, send “labyu” or “labshoo” para safe.. you can add “haha” sa dulo for ultra safe mode!
  5. Banatan mo ngayong palang ng malupet na msg but dont forget to put the words “before the networks get busy..” sa start
  6. If ur torpe, u can do the “fake call” method: missed call lang then sabay txt, “i wanted to call u sana but i couldnt get thru so txt nalng”
  7. For the malakas loob: CALL him/her at midnight! start with a malanding “hey” then, “just wanted to be the 1st to greet u a Merry Christmas”
  8. LANDI MODERATELY: DONT combine ‘mwah’, ‘hehe’ and ‘:)’ in one msg! just choose 2 out of the 3!
  9. You can use the line “you know what..i prayed for you during the Christmas mass” BUT don’t forget the “hehehehe” after!
  10. Limit your landi #christmastexts to 3 girlaloos/boylaloos.. edit edit mo ng konti. Manila is too small.. baka mabuking ka!
  11. ENTER the NAME before typing the message to avoid WRONG SEND! patay ka kung malandi ang message mo tapos sa iba napadala
  12. Ok lang ang “i miss you” pero mas malupet ang “i wish you were here with me now”.. don’t forget the HEHE after!
  13. Kung away mo ng smiley, pwede rin ang heart icon ” ❤
  14. To keep the texting going.. make sure may question sa dulo. Example: “so, did you open your gifts na?”
  15. Never include girlaloo/boylaloo in the generic text list… dapat special para naman may kilig factor!
  16. Compose mo na ang message ngayon palang para mamaya, SEND nalang! Mahirap mag-isip during Noche Buena or pag laseng!
  17. Pag hindi nagreply, wala na tayong magagawa..basta do your part. Wag mo na tanong if he/she got your message.. bahala sya!
  18. If girlaloo/ boylaloo replies, wait at least 5 minutes para you don’t look atat and kunyari busy-busy ka.. for calls, wait for 5 rings
  19. LASTLY.. NEVER say the words “I love you” if you don’t mean it or if you’re drunk! Gulo yan! Ayusin natin mga buhay natin!

Just random things I read. 🙂  😯 : 😛 😉

Good things comes to those who wait

I bid adieu. After 3 years and 1 month. It is time to finally, FINALLY, say goodbye to my first employer in Singapore.


Goodbye Xpress.

It’s funny to have mixed feelings, when I’ve wanted this for so long. I should be relieved and excited. Which I am, for sure. But I’m also scared and a teenie bit sad. I feel I’m being yanked out of my comfort zone and that’s scary stuff. It’s never sad about the leaving. It’s about letting go of the familiar, and moving to something I am not sure of what will happen. The people I’m leaving behind saw me at my best and worst, and accepted me for that. I’m not sure of how the new company will take the “badder” part of me. Also, I don’t know if you’ve felt this, but I fear I’ve got nothing more to “give”. I still question whether this really is where I want to be.

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